Photo Phriday - Mar 8, 2019

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Photo Phriday!

I hope everyone's week was fantastic. It looks like there may be warmer weather on the horizon.

Which would have been great during the event where this photo was taken: Naked Canvas 2019.

In the spirit of International Women's Day, here's a shot of a super rad lady who knows how to hypnotize the room. I've worked with Kiona before on a number of different projects, and she always brings her "A Game." She has a dynamic attitude and loads of professionalism.

Working with someone like that can make a typical photo really shine, because they can speak to the audience. To me, every shot is a "wow". 

This photo was taken with my Lensbaby Spark lens, which is a super rad lens to use, though when I eventually jump camera brands to Fuji, I'll either have to find an adapter, or see if Lensbaby makes a Fuji Spark lens; cause this this is fun to use.

Taking event photos can be complex, because there's so many moving parts at an event like this: setup, pre-event, backstage, candid shots, and (of course) the runway. The runway is where the "hero shots" are made. That's where the model can attract the attention of the judges, and mystify the crowd.

An inexperienced model, however, may not have the right coaching or abilities when they get to the end of the runway, where the Photography Pit may be located. The model should instinctively know to pause and pose in from of the photographers. 

Kiona knows this. I have have many shots of her in a variety of fabulous poses, and I'm sure the other photographers do as well. Other models in the genre could definitely look to Kiona for "what to do for the camera" because everyone should have the opportunity to have incredible images.

If I were to take this shot again, I would try to be more center with the runway-- so that the model was more in the center of the frame. However, I *do* like the how this "off-center" image looks.

What are your thoughts? Have you shot events before? What would be something you'd do differently?

I'll be back next week for a fresh take on some fresh fruit.


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