Photo Phriday - Mar 1, 2019

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Photo Phriday!

Here's an environment shot at Naked Canvas 2019. It's a super rad event put on every year by Hygienic Art of New London, CT.

Before the runway show, I spent some time walking around documenting what the artists where doing, and getting a feel for my camera settings. Shooting events like this don't really allow me to use my favorite lighting setups, but I *am* able to create in-camera goodness by using different lenses. 

This shot was with my Lensbaby Spark lens. And, if you've been following this blog you'll know that this lens is fully manual focus, and not entirely easy to use in a fast paced setting. No "gun and run" with this lens. Lol.

My friend (Hope), who is studying for her PhD, is seen in this image while her artist is out of the frame determining what her next step is.

The artist had four hours to paint my friend for this event. I can only imagine how stressful that may be. But, the ensemble came together in the end, and Hope looked fantastic.

I think the Lensbaby in-camera effects definitely add  to the story of this image. The blur leads you into Hope's face, where you can see her determination and see a bit of attitude. And not just determination for this event-- But for her life goals. "Tackle this. Tackle anything."

Thanks for reading!


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