Photo Phriday - Jan 25, 2019

Untitled photo

Happy Photo Phriday!

Last week I share a photo that was the predecessor to this one. 

To reiterate, when creating a long exposure shot, I first make sure I have a strong portrait. And that means flattering light, nice colored shadows, and a powerful pose.

The light trails made in this image are done completely live when the photo was taken. I used a flashlight taped to a water bottle, and then it's just a function of "waving it around". 

There's definitely a lot of "guess and check" when it comes to this kind of image. Lots of running back to the camera to check out what I just made. The great thing is that each image is totally different from the previous. This lets me have many images to choose from after the shoot is complete.

Recently I purchased a light painting wand from Light Painting Brushes, and I look forward to showing everyone how awesome it is. 

Till the next time!

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