Photo Phriday - Feb 8, 2019

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It's that time again!

Such a busy week these past seven days have been- I shot photos for Hygienic Art (in New London, CT) for their yearly Naked Canvas event (which is a body painting competition).

I had to submit my Top Five images to compete against other photographers. The winner of the competition gets to have their work used for promotional material next year. Wicked excited about that. I'll have to post some here for you all to see.

This week's photo is of my fabulous friend, Kiona, and dates back to Feb 2017.It is one of the first images where i actually used colored lighting. 

What impresses me most about this images, is how fast the key light fades into darkness. Normally, in a portrait, you want some smooth even lighting. This particular image though, takes advantage of the shadows and makes for a fine example of a dramatically lit image. If i were to take this again, I'd definitely bring up the shadows on the right side of her face. I bet there's a lot of missing detail there.

The gel was a small strip on a speedlight light. No modifier. It was positioned to illuminate her shoulder and the side of her face. 

Seeing old work is sometimes scary-- But, it's also could, because you can see where you improved, and, sometimes, you can be inspired to create something using your own work as the inspiration.

I'd like to revisit this harsh/dramatic lighting again. But, I'd be applying skills I've learned over the past two years... So, I'd imagine the photo would be a touch bit better.

If you made this this far: CONGRATS!

Thanks for reading!

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