Photo Phriday - Feb 22, 2019

Untitled photo

Super Happy Photo Phriday!

This week I'm discussing a photo I took at Naked Canvas 2019, which is an annual event put on by Hygienic Art in New London, CT.

This year I was able to be a "Press Photographer" complete with a Press Pass. It was super fancy. 

The concept of this event: models and body painting artists are paired together, and then the artists have four hours to paint their models. It looked like such a challenge for this group of creatives. 

This photo is of the artwork that Eryka Fir created for this event. And I used my Lensbaby Spark lens to capture the model.

Here's the deal with the Lensbaby Spark: It's incredibly difficult to use. It's a bellows type manual focus lens, which means you can change the focal plane and create in-camera blur effects.

If you look at the model's face you can see that it's in focus, but the shoulder in the foreground is out of focus. This is intentional when using a lens like this. It can be quite the hurdle to get over though, because 99% of all photos online show the subject in perfect focus. It's this 1% of "slightly out of focus for artistic reasons" that are difficult for people to accept as being a quality photo.

However, Lensbaby lenses do this *all the time*. Like, it's their thing. I hope to be able to invest in more of their creative lens lineup, because I love being able to create interesting visual effects in-camera.

See everyone next week!


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