Photo Phriday - Feb 16, 2019

Untitled photo

Iiiiit's Photo Phriday... On a Saturday because my brain was fried last night.

But here we are now.

Saturated light and long exposure images are full of so much awesome.

This image here was taken in my living room, which a few strobes and some constant lighting. The strobes lit to model to create a powerful portrait, and the constant lighting allows the light trails to be generated. Just a wiggle of the camera is all you need.

The concept of this image was for a 1920s vibe; so my wife sewed together a dress made from sequin material, and curled her hair to match the theme. She's usually shy in front of the camera, but she was really into this particular themed shoot.

I like how one side of her hair is magenta, yet the other side is blue. I had very good color separation there. 

What I think I'd go better next time is toss in a fill light from below to add some color to those shadows on her face and left arm. Maybe an orange? I'll have to give it a go next time I'm playing with this lighting setup.

Looking forward to my next post, next week. 

Stay tuned!

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